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Mykonos is the ultimate summer vacation destination & is popular for its luxury, night life & hospitality. But every story has its start and so does Mykonos! It started being a tourist destination at the early sixties, when the wealthiest & most famous people of the world visited one by one Mykonos in order to experience the local cuisine, the amazing crystal-blue beaches, the ancient Delos & the incredible Mykonian culture.

Mykonos has a different residential building system than the any other Greek island, according to which the population is concentrated in only two settlements: Chora, at the port settlement & Ano Mera, near the Monastery of Virgin Mary. The rest of the island is sparsely populated with beautiful traditional cottage houses decorating the enriched with arid greenery slopes. They are all cottage houses owned by local people for centuries, from generation to generation & they house families that even nowadays choose to live autonomously at their land with their animals. If a Mykonian invites you to his "village", they really mean their house!