Stay at Aletro Cottage Houses for a dip into nature and rural life

Aletro Cottage Houses, located just a bit outside of the noisy Chora (Center) of Mykonos is the absolute paradise on Earth! Surrounded by nature, wild bushes and rural details, such as old wagons, it is reminiscent of rural life in the country. That's actually why we named it "Cottage Houses" after all. In this way, a different side of Mykonos can be enjoyed, compared to the usually noisy and vivid life that guests who visit Mykonos want to explore. Nonetheless, a luxurious stay couldn't be missing from such a fancy place like Mykonos. Aletro Cottage Houses offers excellent hospitality in its rooms that go with a brand new pool and pool bar! Designed in rural style, the facilities of Aletro Cottage Houses can provide all the amenities a visitor can ask for. In warm and earth undertones, our rooms will cherish you with unforgettable moments of relaxation!