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Merging the past with the present

Ιn Alletro Cottage Houses we merge the past with the present. In our area the minimal harmoniously coexists with tradition

The perfect mix of luxury & island living

If you want to combine luxury and tradition then Aletro Cottage Houses is all you need for your trip to Mykonos island!

Unparalleled comfort & minimal sophistication in a spectacular setting in Mykonos

Are you seeking something special for this year's summer holidays? Aletro Cottage houses promises to give you an exquisite and genuine hospitality experience.

Planning a Mykonos vacation with your family!

Although Mykonos is famous for its wild night life,it is also a very nice destination for families!

Mykonos! the Dionysian island...

Mykonos, besides the beautiful Cycladic architecture, the cosmopolitan atmosphere and the many places for gastronomic pleasures it offers

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Greek Easter and traditions in Mykonos island!

Easter is celebrated with solemnity and pomp in Mykonos and thousands of tourists choose it as a destination.

A romantic getaway in Mykonos

Spring has officially arrived and what more beautiful than planning a romantic getaway! Mykonos can offer you some of the most romantic moments during the spring season!

Aletro Cottage Houses promises unforgettable moments for its international guests

Situated just a bit outside of the hustled life of Mykonos, Aletro Cottage Houses offers you the chance to enjoy the pure beauty of the island, mainly composed by its meagre greenery and its windy cold-water beaches.

Best Nightlife in Mykonos

Once you arrive on Mykonos you will realize that the day has just as many party options as the night. As such, I've organized this section to give you party options for both day life and nightlife.

Mykonos Museums

The Archaeological Museum, located alongside the harbor, was built circa 1900, mainly to house finds from the excavation of the "Pit of Purification" (dating from the 5th century B.C.) and the necropolis of Rhenia.

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Location & decoration are Aletro Cottage Houses' best assets!

Aletro Cottage Houses is built at an ideal, quiet location that is surrounded by pure nature and especially beautiful & vivid bougainvillea

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Aletro Cottage Houses adds a brand new pool!

Hot Greek summer weather and the arid landscape that surrounds Aletro Cottage Houses will make our brand new pool an oasis for our beloved guests!

The Sea View Suite of Aletro Cottage Houses is the best choice for you!

The Sea View Suite of Aletro Cottage Houses is the best choice for you and your beloved one.

Stay at Aletro Cottage Houses for a dip into nature and rural life

Aletro Cottage Houses, located just a bit outside of the noisy Chora (Center) of Mykonos is the absolute paradise on Earth! Surrounded by nature, wild bushes and rural details, such as old wagons, it is reminiscent of rural life in the country.