Best Nightlife in Mykonos

Once you arrive on Mykonos you will realize that the day has just as many party options as the night. As such, I've organized this section to give you party options for both day life and nightlife. Drinks in Mykonos are expensive; rarely less than 9€, but the good news is, if you are planning to head out at night, there are many supermarkets where you can buy a decent bottle of wine for no more than 6€ and begin your own party before hitting the town. During the day dominate the beach parties. The most famous parties happen at Psarrou beach, Paradise beach and of course the famous Super Paradise. On three beaches you can enjoy the sunset to the sounds of uplifting music that make the whole island a big party for all the people !Starting around 6pm, but it is Paradise Beach's Paradise Club, with its gigantic swimming pool in the middle of the club, that steals the show with its nightly fireworks and a wild party that lasts until midnight. Back in town, things are less wild and more sophisticated around sunset. For over a quarter of a century, Caprice has been the island's sunset institution, with chairs lined along its narrow porch overlooking Little Venice, the windmills, and the sea. It is extremely popular with the Athenians (but it has caught on with the rest of the tourists as well). It isn't rare to come straight from the beach for the sunset and spend the entire night. The indoor area (set like a series of caves, with candlelit corners and a window opening up directly to the sea) is intimate and romantic.