Planning a Mykonos vacation with your family!

Although Mykonos is famous for its wild night life,it is also a very nice destination for families! Why not, then? Mykonos attracts not only celebrities but also families that it knows very well how to welcome them! Discover this sweet side of Mykonos in Aletro Cottage House and live an unforgettable family vacation. Discover this tranquile side of the island along with a family experience in an unforgettable stay in the family rooms of Aletro Cottage Houses. The location of Aletro Cottage Houses is perfect for you and your children! The archaeological museum is located within walking distance, where you can learn all about the island's history. Just 1.7 kilometers are the windmills, where you can enjoy an afternoon stroll with your family! And of course your Aletro gives you the chance to cook along with your family and have fun through the cooking classes we offer.! Visit us and live a unique family experience of stay!